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BDSM In South America

The South America has vibrant past and present regarding the human trafficking and abuse of women and children and during this turmoil time the word called BDSM came into the lime light even though this type of erotic sexual play has been popular in the Latin countries for a long but it was demarcated as a violent act and to be condemned if not performed with assent of both the partners as a whole.

The word “bdsm” (see examples at www.ThePainFiles.com) is needed to be clarified at first it is actually an act of sex which is better known as the “Bondage discipline or we can say dominance with sadism & masochism”. Throughput South America this kind of sexual act had been popular and the act takes the effect blend of violence, sex and erotic behavior of mankind to the extreme level. The South Americans are known to live a quite active sexual life in comparison to the North America and as the population is also pretty high in low boundary lines more and more young girls and boys turning their head towards the porn industry are reported to enter specially to this category of sexual acts as their specialization.

The bdsm is normally carried out under the assent of both the mates performing the act. In South America especially in Brazil,Uruguay,Argentina the porn industry truly revolves around this kind of sexual act as it has been reported almost 79% of the revenue comes under this category of act .Thus we can well understand the popularity of the act throughout South America but the cons are that when loads of young girls and boys from the deprived classes are forced to sexual assault and it has been restricted from the UN as a whole and it has been given under the penalty regime for the punishment under the law of “Abuse of women and children”. The stringent laws governing this kind of acts has taken a toll on the bdsm type of porn making industry at a large but this has not restricted the popularity of the bdsm type of sexual act at any level and the South American bdsm has been popular throughout the world.

The fine boundary line exists between the enjoyment and the abuse. The pain that is normally that the submissive goes through during this act has to be judged before the act and the dominant person takes the lead in this type of sexual act has to be well aware of the deficiencies and the pain tolerance power that has to be taken into consideration. The South American bdsm has the unique techniques those indeed new to the world. Normally in this procedures the instruments are used from chains, sticks, iron rod etc. to make the submissive go through a considerable amount of pain during sexual act and these pain giving instruments are indeed new and vivid to the Latin bdsm from the rest of the world. The overall bdsm porn industry in the South American province has been and still growing to an astonishing figure that is indeed one of the highest in the world after Europe. The thing that has to kept in mind is that too much viewing or performing these kind of acts not only disturbs the psychological peace and sanity it leads to an irregular sexual behavior that is indeed not good mentally or physically for both men and women and child viewing these type of acts via porn movies create a negative and wrong impression on the mind about sex and all the matters related to sex in any way.

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