Pain Blogs

The Pain Blogs is a Blog dedicated to bring the latest Bondage and Bondage Sex that concentrates itself on Pain. Specializing in Kinky Sex involving punishment games of pleasure and pain. All kinds of Domination with what is probably the best when the Tables are turned into Female Domination. People have all kind of fetishes and a woman in charge can be a thrill that is Hot and sometimes painful when Mistresses are in control of your ability to experience pleasure and pain for other woman and men. Do you like Pain? Or How about Latex? Stay tuned and visit the Pain Blogs Daily for a permanent Adventure into a World that very few talk about but love to death.

Take on a Mistress for the night and fulfill all of your dreams and nightmares of Fem Dom and crazy sex fetishes that include spanking and Bondage Sex with a strong woman in cat suits performing BDSM who can dish out an incredible amount of Pain.

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