Ball Busting Playtime with Joslyn James

Joslyn James ball busting

My heart was racing with excitement as I prepared for another session of ball busting playtime with my misbehaving boyfriend! As the self-proclaimed femdom queen, Joslyn James, it was my duty and pleasure to put him in his place and remind him who was in charge. And lucky you, you… Continue reading

Enjoy kinky moments with a trans escort

Trying to enjoy the moment with a trans escort is a lot easier said than actually done. The main reason this is because a lot of clients are actually quite nervous and apprehensive before they are engaging with any Trans escorts based in London, Or any other major city the… Continue reading

How Do You Spot a Healthy BDSM Relationship?

As with almost any subject about relationships, I think it’s difficult to say what are the things that we are looking for, as it’s a purely personal perspective between those involved. If your needs are being fulfilled, and you are fulfilling those of your partner(s) it’s healthy. I don’t think… Continue reading

New Exclusive BDSM Film

Magick greets lolani with a punch to her nerve plexus that knocks her breath away – a good warning of however nowadays can progress. She is stripped and he uses rope, force brutally and tightly round her little breasts to invoke lactation, that her breasts are rope whipped, and her… Continue reading

Subbie Asian Sex Doll

This is Dahlia and she loves massages. She’s petite, sexy, with large breasts, wide hips and a round ass. She has a body that is just asking to be touched and caressed. In one of your sessions with Dahlia, you would lay her down on a massage table, fully naked,… Continue reading