Roasted Amateur Slave Bemby

Roasted Amateur Slave Bemby in bondage. Kinky metal frame bondage over burning flames at

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The redhead slave is placed on the metal grill over the candles

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As the metal grill with the tied slave girl tied to it is slowly lowered towards the flames the pain keeps increasing.

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Amateur slave girl Bemby is roasted over plenty of burning candles and struggles with the ever increasing pain as she is lowered towards the flames. See the full length movie of slave Bemby in BDSM and roasting bondage at The Pain Files – Extreme BDSM Videos

BBW Hair Tied Spanking

Hairtied spanking of bbw Andrea in bizarre humiliation and punishment to tears at The Pain – Extreme Fetish Films with crying mature slave slut paddled, caned and tortured mercilessly in the dungeon. Pain and pleasure. Fear and humiliation. Slave Andrea goes through the motions as her master punished her.

The Pigface slag is tied by the hair, caned on her bare bottom, paddled on her bruised ass and screaming in agony. The crying slave slut get no relief. The strokes of the cane comes repeatedly. Connects. Stripes. Bruises!

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Amateur Slaves Whipped To Tears

Pain is pleasure. Hopefully. Because these amateur slave girls from Hungary are about to receive more pain than any normal girl could possibly endure. The sweet submissives are both goodlooking but visibly fearful as they are entered into the dungeon for the torture they know to be coming up shortly.

The dark slave girl is place in the electric chair. Needles are used pierce her pussy lips and nipples. Electrodes are applied. Extreme electro shock torture ensues. Tears, screams, sobbing and begging follows. The slave girl suffers terribly as the pain keeps increasing. Sending shocks through her nipples, directly into her pussy. In the end she simply lets her head back and screams out the pain.

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The other slave girl receives a no less evil menu of pain and suffering. First and foremost her tit caning is brutal beyond words. The boobs are whipped and caned till theyre glowing red and bruised. Tears stream down her face. Screams and moans follow every stroke. See it all at

Two Mature Slave Girls Punished

Two mature slavegirls punished and enduring hellpain whipping at the introduction to BDSM for seasoned submissives Jay and Andrea. The two busty fetish slaves are ordered into lesbian pussy licking, whipped on their big tits and tortured to tears by master Magick of Shadow Slaves.

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Two Mature Slave Girls Punished – see the full length movie at Shadow Slaves

Honesty Cabelleros introduction to BDSM

Slave Honesty Cabelleros introduction to BDSM and punishment at Full length film of Honesty Cabellaro in BDSM for her first punishment is available in high definition for download. The longhaired brunette is put in metal bondage, hot waxed and clamped mercilessly by her master.

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Pegged and breast tied brunette Honesty Cabellero is blindfolded and tortured by her stern master at Shadow Slaves for a fierce introduction to world of pleasure and pain. – Life in The Eliteclub 12

Merciless Dr. Lomp is well known in BDSM community for his skills in the torture of teenaged babes. His cruelty has no limit. He pulls out susceptive girls’ paps with clothespins, stabs pink vulva lips with needles and shoots poor babe vassals by tough whip.
From such a torture all the damsels in his videos bawl and shout. The soft skin is covered with bloody welts.

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Life in The Elite Club 12 available at Elite Pain

This release shows one more day of the Life in the EliteClub. The fresh new Pinky vassal is learning how to handle the excruciating and embarrassment situations awaiting her in the Club. The one more slave girls’ peach hair is in the end burned down. This release shows an hour long excruciating suffering of the vassal ladies.

Emily Sharpes Electro BDSM

Emily Sharpes hardcore electro bdsm and extreme pain of a tied and electric zapped slaveslut tormented to tears at ShadowSlaves. The full length movie Relentless shows Emily X punished with black box electric bdsm toys, cattle prods and violet wands till she cries uncontrollably. Amazingly, she scripted this hardcore bdsm film from her own fantasies!