Sadistic ball busting with Natalya Vega

Natalya Vega ball busting

Ball busting goddess Natalya Vega, the stunning and infamous femdom queen of Domination 4K, eyed her willing victim. He was one of many who had fallen under her spell and begged to be her slave. But Natalya had high standards for those who wished to serve her. She demanded complete… Continue reading

Ball Busting Playtime with Joslyn James

Joslyn James ball busting

My heart was racing with excitement as I prepared for another session of ball busting playtime with my misbehaving boyfriend! As the self-proclaimed femdom queen, Joslyn James, it was my duty and pleasure to put him in his place and remind him who was in charge. And lucky you, you… Continue reading

Alexa Nova ends 30 days of chastity

Alexa Nova chastity release on Domination 4K

Bold redhead Alexa Nova stared in satisfaction as the look of relief swept over her captive’s face. Her willing victim had been obediently locked away in chastity for a full 30 days on Domination 4K, and she was now ready to reward that obedience by unlocking his little dick cage… Continue reading

Enjoy kinky moments with a trans escort

Trying to enjoy the moment with a trans escort is a lot easier said than actually done. The main reason this is because a lot of clients are actually quite nervous and apprehensive before they are engaging with any Trans escorts based in London, Or any other major city the… Continue reading

How Do You Spot a Healthy BDSM Relationship?

As with almost any subject about relationships, I think it’s difficult to say what are the things that we are looking for, as it’s a purely personal perspective between those involved. If your needs are being fulfilled, and you are fulfilling those of your partner(s) it’s healthy. I don’t think… Continue reading

What if the sadist looses the inclination to inflict pain ?

What if the sadist looses the inclination to inflict pain ? I’ve experienced periods (sometimes long periods) where, while I’m still intellectually interested in SM, I just haven’t been able to face actually running a scene. The culprits in my case have generally been worries, stress, tiredness or depression –… Continue reading

Femdom Escorts in Paris

At the heart of the French capitals 11th district, we meet up with the supreme Femdom escort of 11e arrondissement Maribelle. She┬┤s a typical chic Parisian lady with an easy smile, likable demeanor, and a kinky streak when you look a bit closer. I am a typical French lady by… Continue reading

Honesty Calliaros Cold Punishments

It became a bloodless, snowy day in December whilst Honesty Calliaro turned into summoned by Magick. If she becomes thrilled to be introduced inside, the relief turned into brief-lived, as he led her to the cold cellar dungeon, stripped her naked, and certain her breasts. Noticing her unshaven cunt,… Continue reading