Charlottes Needle Pain

Charlottes needle pain and skinny redhead duteous rugged heavenly waxing punishment in play piercing torments and tears. The fetish fetish groveling Charlotte is needle penalizeedand hotwaxed all over her body whilst yelling and sobing through her agonising tortures. The redhead slave girl persists in beauty

Erotic Pain – Unknown Author

Delightsome torment and erotic pain is something that is very difficult to explain unless there is something inside of you that draws you toward it.   Many subs crave it, it settles them down.   I’m undoubted you know many endorphins are released in the body when it is “panic-struck” during a… Continue reading

Amateur Slaveslut

Blatting and mortified of british amateur tractable Andrea in explicit domina submission and punishment by femdom Jay using frontal tied breast correctional discipline and extreme nipple clamping of the podgy mature masochist Andrea in the punishment chamber under the ADDFetish Bdsm Library. The Amateur painslut is Tears during her brusque… Continue reading

Nature Bondage

Strict Mistresses practicing punishment and erotic spanking for slaves’ discipline, training and humiliation! The fantasy of being bound comes true here! Tactile feeing of restraint, feeling of helplessness for its own sake, feeling of total Mistress’ power and control under them make these slaves to wait with impatience for the… Continue reading