Sadists & Doms – Do You Switch?

Sadists & Doms – Do You Switch? Do you sometimes try out the submissive role, do you try the tools and tortures you make your sub or masochist endure to know how it feels?

I used to feel this way when i was younger.

I tried switching, but that rapidly proved to be pointless, since I didn’t enjoy it and could not pull off being submissive, or even handle pain well, so it in no way gave me any insight as to how the experience is for someone who craves it.

For many years I tried any new toys or experiences on myself first so I had an idea how they feel physically, though, obviously, just because I don’t like a sensation that gives me no indication how the experience would be for a submissive masochist. I still do try some new toys on myself first, if only to give myself an idea of the intensity etc.

However, I gave up trying everything I do when I started experimenting with things and bdsm tools I either cannot do to myself, or things which I really don’t want to experience.

sadist - do you switch? sadist - do you switch?
Pictures by Shadow Slaves – Extreme Bondage & S&M Films

For instance, I am terrified of electricity. While that gives me sympathy for masochists who share my fear, it does not mean I’m goijng to try any new shock devices on myself, or that I’m not going to use them on others. The same goes for anal toys.

I’m more at a point now where something new which I am not willing to experience myself is tried on one of the slave girls in a non-play situation so that she can report back in detail how it feels etc.

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