Responses to: Masochism, Pain or Abuse? (Part 2)

Responses to: Masochism, Pain or Abuse?

Anonymous – BDSM Model and lifestyle submissive:
“Another example of someone commending on S+M who seems as though they aren’t a sadist or a masochist.

I’m a masochist (self-identified) and I’ve been in a scene with Magick at least 5 times, as well as plenty of other people.

I scream from pain, cry, moan, gasp, cum, and scream. I writhe, wriggle, flinch, wince and shudder. The reaction to and opinion of pain is expansive, undulating and ever changing.

However it is, at all times, utterly consensual and absolutely wanted. It’s consensual, risk aware and, most importantly, deeply emotional and utterly subjective.”

Anonymous – BDSM Model and lifestyle slavegirl:
I cannot answer this from the point of view of a masochist as I do not identify as one … However I will answer from the point of view of someone that has filmed with Magick over the last ten years.

Do I like pain ? …. not especially lol … it will make me flinch, cry, scream, plead, writhe and exhibit all manner of “distress”.

Do I indulge in situations where I am subjected to pain ? .. HELL YES !!

For me it is the control .. it is being “forced” to endure .. to have no say .. to guess what ? …. to SUBMIT !! … it is absolutely nothing to do with S&M .. it is a huge part of the D/s side … That is what floats my boat and will produce one of the many many all consuming orgasms I have had on these film shoots.

If you read above you will see that many who do associate as masochists look as if they are hating every minute but gold help the Dom if they were to stop.

For some people pulling away and crying out may well be an indication that the pain must stop … For others it is nothing more than normal human reactions … To try and define such basic and instinctual human biology and emotions is impossible … every single person will react in a different way.

For me there is really only ever one question when these sorts of questions or statements are raised …. are the people involved doing so with full consent ? They are ? … well how they react to stimuli is not really up for debate.

If seeing those sort or reactions upset or offend you then you are probably best not looking at the sites … but please do not judge those that are having a dam good time and willingly come back for more time and time again.

My best analogy as to how I see taking part in these films ? … It is like someone giving me chocolate AND paying me to eat it”

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