Subbie Asian Sex Doll

This is Dahlia and she loves massages. She’s petite, sexy, with large breasts, wide hips and a round ass. She has a body that is just asking to be touched and caressed.

In one of your sessions with Dahlia, you would lay her down on a massage table, fully naked, her back to you. You cover your palms in coconut oil and then start massaging her breasts….firmly, rolling her nipples roughly between your fingers.

Submissive Asian Sex Dolls

You would then lean down and bite her lower plump lip, you would then move down her slim throat to the mound of one breast, straight to her nipple.

You would suck hard, scraping with your teeth, moving from one nipple to the other. You want to leave sexy red marks on her body, infact you have to because Dahlia insists on it. So being her Master, how could you say no?

Dahlia will be a perfect submissive slave to you. Just remember to give her her daily doses of massages.

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Never be without your Asian subbie again! Make Dahlia your perfect and permanent companion on kinky adventures!

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