Sexy Switch Cuckolds Husband

I have always been kinky. But my beloved husband has forever been way too mild for a natural submissive like me. I guess I am a switch with equal fantasies about exposing my husband chastity and my own deep and raw submission. Therefore I have actually turned to a proper sadistic Master to seek out my kinky satisfaction.

To satisfy my own sadistic streak I made my husband watch a session where my Master degraded and tormented me. The tension was through the roof. The master was getting hard. I was getting off on the neverending torments dished out on my body and intermittent gentle touches from my master. The orgasms were intense. All the while my insufficient cuckolded husband was watching. In astonishment. Longing to take part. The cuckold husband utterly helpless to interfere or interact as my master gagged and tied him after his first attempt at interference. All members of the household now serving the needs of my Superior.

I can hear my husband mumbling behind his gag. Drooling. Making a mess of himself as he clearly gets upset.

I know why.

My master has put me in a bondage position ass in air. Whipped my ass till its striped and raw. Now he has his big cock out. It is harder than a rock. Ready for action. Grumbles from my helpless and hapless husband.

The master jams his cock deep inside. Another explosion of pleasure and pain erupts. He uses me thoroughly. In both holes. Deep brutal pounding. Over and over. Occationally taking the time to pull my hair, smack my ass or lean over to twist my nipples.

The cuckold husband is beside himself. I can see desperation in his eyes. He knows he is lowest in the pecking order. Getting nothing. Reduced to a spectator of all that he thought he owned. It makes me even hornier.

The master pounds me even harder. Till he comes. He turns me around in my ropes and sprays the motherload all over my openly exposed face. I turn towards my husband, face full of satisfaction and sperm …

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