Lesbian Slave Amber

Frankly, I don’t like Amber West. She’s a bitch and all I can think of when we’re doing this session is to hurt her bad. I’m feeling very dominant today. I want to gag her slutty mouth which no doubt has sucked of hundreds of men, licked dozens of pussies.

I want to whip those giant size tits, tying them up real tight until they turn purple, clamping those bitching nipples, perhaps hanging some heavy weights on the clamps, stretching the nipples until they turn numb, that’ll teach her, the whore. Whatever I do she doesn’t even complain, perhaps she’s enjoying the humiliation, the torture. Perhaps I should hurt her even more, just to see how much she can take. Next time I’m gonna nail her tits to the table, piss on her stupid face.

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The French maid lights the fire and is unaware of the masked intruder who watches her hidden by a half-closed door. He broke into the house but instead of jewelry, he is more interested in the innocent girl who shows him her firm ass as she bends over to light the fire.

Amber West comes home from work and she begins to feel hungry and has an appetite for a crispy pizza. She calls on her mobile and orders a Quattro Stagioni. When Amber West sees the yummy girl she decides to take her as an hors d’ oeuvre!

Shadow Slaves

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