Submissive Slave Louise

Slave Louise was a dream submissive. She was very respectful, knew her place and from the photos she sent me, had lovely pierced nipples. It took us a week to get enough trust built up for me to suggest a meeting. slave Louise agreed immediately. I set the time but she set the place, my dungeon, and I specified the attire for her to wear. A black corset with a precious look on my tits, and high heel stiletto’s. I would make lick them clean later for me but ordered her to lick them clean before she arrived.

She arrived right on time. When I opened the door, she was kneeling when her arms behind her, ready to submit. I smiled and let her into the room. She looked wonderful and dressed as ordered. Her boots polished and I really wondered if she had used her tongue as so ordered.
I wanted to make her MINE for the evening. 

No words were exchanged as I moved around her, touching her, forcing her to the floor, standing over her taking my rightful place above her. I was getting wet once again and I could see by the hardness her of pierced nipples that she too was excited. 

Shadow Slaves

Chef has just finished garnishing me with cooked macaroni. While I lie there sedated by the chloroform he finishes off the dish with bits of mushroom and tomato. “You need to be spiced up,” the chef says and uses the pepper mill on my waiting body.

I like to have a doggy and I wanted to have a female one who is listening to me and be my slave. So Louise is a good one to fulfill my needs. So she must act like a dog and behave!

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