Honesty Calliaros Cold Punishments

It became a bloodless, snowy day in December whilst Honesty Calliaro turned into summoned by Magick. If she becomes thrilled to be introduced inside, the relief turned into brief-lived, as he led her to the cold cellar dungeon, stripped her naked, and certain her breasts.


Noticing her unshaven cunt, he rips out hairs with pliers, which are also utilized to overwhelm her nipples, and he or she is overwhelmed with a small whip. A tub full of snowballs is produced. As the balls are hurled at her naked body it soon becomes apparent that they’ve compacted into ice. She is made to maintain one between her thighs, the numbing bloodless pressed into her bushy cunt. The balls are slid over her skin and balanced on her ft to freeze her toes, as she is tasked with last still. Several of the balls are overwhelmed over her head, showering her in freezing ice and snow, leaving her shivering and vulnerable as he canes her freezing ass and whips her legs, making her dance her bare feet into the pile of ice crystals. More snow is packed into her cunt and ass and poured over her till it piles on her scalp, slowly melting and lowering her body temperature even further.

She is made to kneel inside the snow, leashed with a dog’s collar, and gagged with a timber bit, as her body is whipped with a flogger usual from other slaves shaved hair, and her toes are beaten with a dressage whip. Even greater snow is packed into her ass and poured over her as she dribbles helplessly via the gag.

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Hooks are used, to stretch her mouth into a grotesque smile, as that hollow to is packed with snow, allowing no respite from the biting bloodless. Finally, she is bound atop a Sybian and whipped as her body is racked with irresistible orgasm after orgasm, and greater snow and ice is poured over her head and rubbed into her desperate sobbing face until she is left to the attention of the machine, broken, shivering and defeated.

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