Lessons Learned

How Natalie had fallen into this bizarre situation concerned her less than the fact she had fallen into it. George was handsome and charming. What Natalie hadn’t known about him was that he was into bondage. In a big way. She had been shocked when he asked her to be his sex slave, but the idea thrilled her, so she had said yes.

Their fist “encounters” had been relatively simple – restraints, a ball gag, a few forced acts – nothing she couldn’t handle. Then she discovered something about George.

He had another slave.

Her name was Stephanie, and he had “acquired” her about the same time as Natalie.

Well, if “Master George” wanted two sex slaves, that was fine with Natalie. She would just have to make sure she was his favorite!

lesson learned - two slavegirls for one master lesson learned - two slavegirls for one master
Pictures kindly provides by Shadow Slaves

George started training Natalie in obedience. It was straight-up sex, no restraints. He fucked her in his king-size bed, his thick cock pounding her tight, wet pussy. As her moans grew louder, he grabbed her hair and snarled, “You don’t cum until I tell you to cum!” She gasped, trying to maintain control. He fucked her long and slow, and she could feel every inch of his throbbing cock! Just as she thought she could hold out, he reached between their sweaty bodies and rubbed his thumb over her swollen clit! She moaned and bucked! A moment later, she came.

“Fuck!” George exclaimed as he pulled out of her. He slapped her face hard. “Did I fucking tell you to cum?”

“No,” Natalie said, whimpering.

George slapped her again, harder. “No, what?

Natalie cried out and cowered. “No, sir, you did not tell me to cum, sir.”

“How am I gonna get off when you already came?”

lesson learned - two slavegirls for one master lesson learned - two slavegirls for one master
Pictures and slave girl photos by Shadow Slaves

Natalie hesitated, unsure how to answer. George grabbed her head in both hands and shoved his cock into her mouth! She nearly choked as he fucked her mouth fast and hard! In a moment his cock was spurting hot jizz down her throat!

When his orgasm subsided, George pushed her away. “Fuck, bitch, Stephanie has better control than that!”

A hatred for Stephanie began to smolder within Natalie. I will learn, Natalie resolved. I will learn to cum only when he tells  me to.

A few days later, George brought Natalie to his Playroom. Stephanie was already there, a tall, thin blonde with large breasts. George made them both strip and kneel, then tied each girl’s ankles and wrists together, and finished by tying their wrists to their own ankles behind them. Then he addressed them, rather formally.

“I have decided I can train you both faster if I train you at the same time,” he explained. Your first lesson is cocksucking. He removed his clothes. His prick was erect and throbbing.

He stepped over to Stephanie, ran his fingers through her hair. “Suck it,” he commanded. Stephanie kissed and licked his prick all over. “I said suck it!” George barked. He grabbed Stephanie’s head and shoved his cock deep into her mouth! She choked. He held her there until she began to wriggle and turn blue! Then he shoved her away.

He walked over to Natalie, his cock bouncing as he walked. He caressed her raven-black hair. “Suck it,” he hissed. Natalie wrapped her full lips around the head of his cock and took it deep into her mouth, sucking and moaning. George moaned, too, as she bobbed her head. In and out. In and out. Slowly fucking her warm, wet mouth! He looked over at Stephanie. “Like that, bitch!” he barked.

lesson learned - two slavegirls for one master lesson learned - two slavegirls for one master
All bondage photography courtesy of Shadow Slaves

George thrust hard and deep, and Natalie closed her eyes, swallowing his thick meat, trying to relax so she wouldn’t gag. She had to be better than Stephanie! Finally, he pulled his huge cock out of her mouth.

He walked back to Stephanie and grabbed her nipple, pulling and twisting. She cried out!

“When I say suck, you suck!” George explained. “Not lick, suck!

Stephanie bit her lip, whimpering in pain.

“Got it?” George demanded.

Stephanie nodded. George twisted harder!

“I can’t hear you!”

“Yes!” she fairly screamed. “Yes, sir, I got it!”

To be Continued ….


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