Lesson Learned – Chapter2

George looked over his two slaves. “I don’t think either one of you gets it,” he said.

He untied Natalie and led her to a large wooden frame. There were leather cuffs for her wrists and ankles on the frame. George used them, spreading her arms over her head and her feet beneath her so her body formed an “X.” Then he untied Stephanie and led her to a similar frame, strapped her in.

He stepped back. “I’ll be back later for your next lesson.”

Hours must have passed. Natalie had slept. She awoke with a tremendous thirst. George was back. The sound of the door closing behind him must have awakened her.

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George circled the two girls. They could see he was carrying a large, braided whip. “Your next lesson,” he explained, “is how to take your punishment.”

Natalie could feel her heart trying to leap into her parched throat! Her legs felt weak. Then Stephanie spoke.

“She said you’re a lousy lover,” Stephanie said.

“What?” Natalie cried, unable to hide the terror in her voice.

“Yes,” insisted Stephanie, “she said you’re probably making up for feelings of inadequacy, and she suspects you haven’t come to terms with your own homosexuality.”

“That’s a lie!” Natalie cried.

George had circled behind her. “That gives me a reason to punish you,” he said. Before Natalie could say anything, the whip came down across her back. She screamed! The pain burned into her back and shoulder! The whip came down again, and again she screamed!

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Tears stung her eyes, but she managed to speak clearly between her sobs. “She is lying! She wants you to punish me instead of her!”

The whip came down again, only this time on Stephanie’s back! She shrieked in pain! George lashed her again, relishing her screams.

Finally, he stopped. “What you both fail to understand,” he said, “is that I don’t need a reason to punish either of you!”

He let them down from the frames, gave them water, let them rest. Then he took them to the large bed in the Playroom.

He told Natalie to lay on her back. It was still sore from her flogging, but there were no open wounds. Natalie lay down obediently. George whispered to Stephanie, “Eat her pussy. Make it good.”

Stephanie almost hesitated, then thought of George’s backhand and settled between Natalie’s long legs. Stephanie kissed Natalie’s pussy lips and Natalie shuddered. She had never been with a woman before, and was surprised to learn she did not find it repulsive! Stephanie licked her slot, flicked her tongue over her clit.

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Natalie gasped, and began moving her hips rhythmically. George whispered to her, “Don’t you dare cum.” Stephanie slipped her tongue inside Natalie, who groaned loudly. As Stephanie began to fuck her with her tongue, George slipped behind Stephanie. He rubbed his stiff cock over Stephanie’s shapely ass. He began to fuck her, doggy-style, as she licked and sucked Natalie’s pussy.

Natalie gasped and moaned! Her pussy grew very wet! As George fucked Stephanie, he leaned close and whispered into her ear, “Make her cum!”

Stephanie went wild with her tongue on Natalie! She slipped two fingers inside her and moved them back and forth as she flicked her tongue over her clit! Natalie moaned loudly, knowing she must not cum until her Master said she could!

Finally, George pulled out of Stephanie and pushed her aside. He rammed his cock into Natalie’s cunt! “Cum for your Master!” he commanded!

Natalie wailed and wriggled as she came, her pussy milking her Master’s huge cock! He erupted inside her, filling her with his hot jizz!

She lay back, more than satisfied. She had learned to cum only when told to.

The End….

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