Masochism, Pain or Abuse?

I recently recieved this email.

I would be interested in responses from anyone that knows me, or ideally has actually played with me (especially on the sites). I have linked the author of the original mail to this post, prior to seeing any replies, to allow him to judge openly how people might feel about his point of view:

“Please reflect fully on the effect of pain when someone is in the
anti-pain state of mind (not masochistic). It is the infinite opposite
of S&M and masochistic pleasure. Pain must NEVER be delivered when
they are in this state of mind. Reflect fully on all the times you’ve
done this on your site.

In the masochistic state of mind, a person:
– Never flinches away from the pain, but wants and moves towards it
– Never, ever cries from the pain, but moans in pleasure

If any doubt you must always check which of the 2 infinitely opposite
states of mind the person is before any pain is given or continues. If
they enter the anti-pain state of mind, all pain must stop
immediately. Anything else is the opposite of S&M, and criminal and
abusive. You’ve done this too many times on your site. Reflect on that
suffering, not pleasure, as if it was being inflicted upon you while
you are in the anti-pain, non-masocistic state of mind exclusively.
Just reflect.”

I feel the mail was intended to be polite and constructive, so please bear that in mind when posting comments here.

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