Nikohls Domination and Humiliation

Nikohl selected to turn out to be a ShadowSlave on her birthday, so we presented her with a slice of cake to celebrate, earlier than taking her to the cellar. Made to eat the cake without a palms from the floor affords little task for her, however magick soon loses patience, and rams it forcefully into her mouth, making her lick up the crumbs from the cellar floor.

Thrown to the floor, she is punched and kicked, and overwhelmed with a heavy whip, as her clothes are torn from her body. A carpet-beater is used on her quivering flesh, as she is stamped into the cold stone ground, and gagged together with her shredded knickers. Searing warm candle-wax rains down on her body, amidst blows with a heavy rubber dildo and leather strap.

Her palms tied, a huge, studded dildo is rammed home into her cunt as the beating continues and a large livestock prod offers shocks that wracked her entire body. Magick produces a bucket of earth, that is slung at her face and body, protecting her with dripping dust. Grit and dirt are rubbed into her cunt until she comes, and is thrown down at the filthy floor, in which repeated enemas are pumped into her ass.

Water is sprayed over her, cleansing her, simplest to make area for brand spanking new clumps of mud to be hurled at once into her face. Not content material with the mud, Magick smears black oil over her face and inside her mouth, rubbing it into her cunt until she comes again, and is thrown lower back down in the puddles of blended dirt, best to be buried below buckets of earth, and left to ponder what it’s miles to be a ShadowSlave.

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