Saschas Outdoor Humiliation

“First I’m going to hose you down, the water is cold, not too cold, but cold enough to get your nipples hard. You can shout all you want, nobody can hear you.We’re allĀ alone. Just you and me, having fun.

Sascha came over to my house. She had brought her digital camera as she said she wanted to take some nude pictures of me. I obliged and so, after we had a cup of tea I undressed. “Okay, sit on the floor so I can take some pictures,” Sascha said.”Yes, that’s very nice, show me your ass, yes, bend over, show me your tits.”

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While the wedding guests are waiting for me and the photographer to return I’m still held captive in the woods. He abducted me and used me as his slave for the past two hours. I have been gagged, bound and tortured and still he isn’t satisfied. I look down at my arms and wrists and see the imprint of the belts that held me captive.

Shadow Slaves

My face is still wet from her saliva. Next, my Mistress orders me to do something very strange. She says: “Here, drink this,” and she shows me a jar full of water. It’s at least half a liter and I look puzzled at the gigantic jar. “Do as you’re told, drink slut!”

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