What if the sadist looses the inclination to inflict pain ?

What if the sadist looses the inclination to inflict pain ? I’ve experienced periods (sometimes long periods) where, while I’m still intellectually interested in SM, I just haven’t been able to face actually running a scene. The culprits in my case have generally been worries, stress, tiredness or depression –… Continue reading

BDSM In South America

The South America has vibrant past and present regarding the human trafficking and abuse of women and children and during this turmoil time the word called BDSM came into the lime light even though this type of erotic sexual play has been popular in the Latin countries for a long… Continue reading

Responses to: Masochism, Pain or Abuse? (Part 2)

Responses to: Masochism, Pain or Abuse? Anonymous – BDSM Model and lifestyle submissive: “Another example of someone commending on S+M who seems as though they aren’t a sadist or a masochist. I’m a masochist (self-identified) and I’ve been in a scene with Magick at least 5 times, as well as… Continue reading

Responses to: Masochism, Pain or Abuse?

Masochism, Pain or Abuse? Responses. Mainly Anonymised. Anonymous response: “Erm i am masso but i cry scream and run away from the pain. Id be upset if  someone stopped. Weve sadly not managed to arrange a proper play between each other but you are on my i want list as… Continue reading

Masochism, Pain or Abuse?

I recently recieved this email. I would be interested in responses from anyone that knows me, or ideally has actually played with me (especially on the sites). I have linked the author of the original mail to this post, prior to seeing any replies, to allow him to judge openly… Continue reading

Lesson Learned – Chapter2

George looked over his two slaves. “I don’t think either one of you gets it,” he said. He untied Natalie and led her to a large wooden frame. There were leather cuffs for her wrists and ankles on the frame. George used them, spreading her arms over her head and… Continue reading

Lessons Learned

How Natalie had fallen into this bizarre situation concerned her less than the fact she had fallen into it. George was handsome and charming. What Natalie hadn’t known about him was that he was into bondage. In a big way. She had been shocked when he asked her to be… Continue reading

How Do You Spot a Healthy BDSM Relationship?

As with almost any subject about relationships, I think it’s difficult to say what are the things that we are looking for, as it’s a purely personal perspective between those involved. If your needs are being fulfilled, and you are fulfilling those of your partner(s) it’s healthy. I don’t think… Continue reading